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Specimen Archiving


CellNass Archive Management Service

With modern healthcare delivery comes a challenge to keep costs down and operate a lean service whilst maintaining the required high standards expected.

Budgetary constraints, staff shortages, regulatory policy and an ageing UK population have all added to the problem, leading to Healthcare Providers seeking help from industry. Issues arise in all disciplines, from diagnostics and treatment to site management and archiving.

Archiving may seem to be an insignificant factor but it is coming increasingly to the forefront as hospitals and NHS Trusts seek out space to provide much needed services within their site boundaries. A premium price is often commanded for space and using it for archiving is very rarely cost-effective.

It would make sense, therefore, to have an offsite low cost archive facility. Although this would appear simple on the surface there are some items that cannot be archived in ‘standard’ warehouses or storage units. Closely associated to CellPath, the CellNass service is part of a very well established and respected consumables supplier dedicated to providing competitive priced, high quality materials. CellNass applies the same principles of customer satisfaction.

Pathology material, including blocks and slides, have to be archived in compliance with Royal College of Pathologists, Institute of Biomedical Science, CPA and HTA requirements. Furthermore, guidelines state that wax and resin blocks, with slides, should be stored either for a minimum of 30 years, or representative material requires selection from relevant cases if some culling is considered before this period.

CellNass is proven, established and cost-effective for the retention of Pathological material in conditions as required by the aforementioned controlling bodies. Although originally designed by experienced laboratory and business people for the specific needs of Cellular Pathology blocks and slides, the service is now branching out into other Pathology disciplines, where the attention to detail, data protection and understanding of security requirements are also appreciated. CellNass is an organic organisation, where within constraints of duty of care and existing guidelines, the service is developed for the requirements of the customer. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to problem solving. If you have a specific issue, with wet tissue samples, patient records, or other material requiring secure archival storage then talk to us about solutions and bespoke services available from CellNass.

CellNass is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), a copy of our HTA certificate is available here.

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