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FORMALIN NEUTRALISER WIPE - 11 x 11"(279 x 279mm)(55 sheets)


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CellPath’s GL Elite ranges of Formalin Neutraliser Pads have been specifically designed to reduce formaldehyde or formalin vapours through the absorption and neutralising of formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and other aldehydes.

FORMALIN NEUTRALISER WIPE - 11 x 11"(279 x 279mm)(55 sheets) Zoom


Our Formalin Neutraliser Pads convert formaldehyde and other aldehydes into a non-hazardous polymer on absorption. This process eliminates any harmful vapours and ensures a safe work area for employees.

Available in three sizes and as a roll, Formalin Neutraliser Pads facilitate a multitude of uses:

- Grossing examination and dissection

- Use as a work surface for the placement of tissue cassettes after removal from formalin

- Shelf lining for tissue and formalin storage

- Tray lining for tissue container transport

- Roll neutraliser sheets are also ideal for quick clean-up of small spills and blotting.

Key Benefits

- Specially treated polypropylene quickly absorbs solutions

- Rapidly neutralises formaldehyde vapours to protect workers

- Durable top surface resists rips, tears and abrasion, even when saturated

- Blue colour provides contrast against tissue-based specimens in the medical field, and helps distinguish mat from standard absorbents

- Soft material reduces wear on blade edges when used as a surface for cutting

- Efficient and clean incineration

Additional Information

SKU XSA-2000-00A
Pack of 1
Color No
Hazard No
Storage Type No
Construction No

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