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* Washable and Waterproof Keyboard
* Antibacterial Protection
* Ideal for Medical Use
* Perfect for Medical Use

This keyboard is perfect for use in any and all medical environments due it’s antibacterial protection which is incorporated within the keyboards plastic as well as being IP rated 66, this allows the Unotron Keyboard to be cleaned in seconds without having to go through a long process saving you time.

Patented SpillSeal® Keyboard

Each Unotron keyboard comes with SpillSeal® technology as standard. This minimises anything from a coffee/tea spill to harsh jets of water from damaging the keyboard. Because of this, the S6000K keyboard from Unotron can be submerged in cleaning fluids or medical grade disinfectant and still come out working.

Looks like a Normal Keyboard and types like one too

The stigma is that raised keys in a medical environment don’t mix, so why does this keyboard look like your standard office keyboard? Well with all its protection it can look like one and also have the tactile feedback and touch type capabilities of a standard office keyboard, allowing you to type faster even when wearing gloves.

Medical Keyboard, Half the Price

With most medical keyboards carrying a hefty price tag of hundreds of pounds, the Unotron S6000K is half the price and more of most medical keyboards on the market, saving you money whilst not skimping on protection.


Additional Information

SKU JAL-0100-00K
Pack of 1
Color Black
Hazard N/A
Storage Type N/A
Construction N/A

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