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New to Market – CellPath’s Innovative Supa Mega Clamp

November 3, 2016 | Posted by: Tim Davies

CellPath is pleased to launch the Universal Supa Mega Clamp, ideal for the microtomy of large tissue blocks. Incorporating an intuitive quick-release system, the clamp can securely hold any tissue processing cassette from CellPath’s Supa Mega range.

It can be easily fitted to Leica Biosystems RM2100 & RM2200 and Thermo Scientific Microm HM series of microtomes.

Following customer research, it was identified that the design of current clamps on the market resulted in collision between the clamp and knife block when sectioning large tissue blocks. The Universal Supa Mega has been specifically designed to avoid this happening, opening up the possibility of customers using Supa Mega Mother Ship and Slim base moulds.

The design also prevents the possibility of the cassette being attached in the wrong orientation.

Having exhibited the product at a number of exhibitions, feedback has been very positive.

Download the product flyer by clicking here or email us at for further information.